About Us


o To be an Ambassador for Philippine Visual Arts.

o To educate and integrate art appreciation to the pass-on generation.

o Develop local artists with passion to create and innovate art.


Art Circle seeks to be the company that is dedicated to promote and develop Philippine Visual Arts. The gallery aims to be a creative ground where visitors and artists can share a visual conversation through art appreciation, to enrich their cultural experience and strengthen nationalism.

Company Profile

A cultural renaissance swept the country during the 90s: with the rise of local pop culture, OPM, this surge of local interest gave birth to a thriving art culture and industry. At the center of this cultural explosion is Art Circle Gallery (ACG), opening its first gallery to the public in 1991. Under the management of owners Pipo and Kitten Alcantara, they grew the gallery’s collection of works, and also helped launch the careers of aspiring local artists.

More than decoration, art serves a far more altruistic purpose – it inspires to create; it aspires to innovate; and it bears witness to our proud artistic heritage. After more than two decades, Art Circle Gallery remains true to its mission of bringing art to the new generation of Filipino artists and enthusiasts. We continue to elevate the standards of Philippine art to the heights of renown and world-class prestige.

Part of the gallery’s mission is to make art accessible for everyone, and our galleries are situated in key locations across Metro Manila, with nine (9) operating branches, the largest art gallery chain in the Philippines. Our galleries house an eclectic collection of works from a wide range of Filipino artists, hailing from varying artistic backgrounds and style – from the masters: Fernando Amorsolo, Frederico Alcuaz, “BENCAB”; to contemporary artists: Manuel Baldemor, Norma Belleza, Michael Cacnio, Edward Liao, Nilo Badajos, among others. This high-caliber roster has yielded sophisticated masterpieces, and Art Circle’s name has become synonymous with art that resonates with timeless Filipino themes and values.

In recent years, the gallery plays a vital role in driving cultural and social relevance of art, raising awareness and opening its doors to a wider audience through its art exhibitions, workshops, and seminars. We are proud to continue our tradition to create and innovate Philippine art, the creative venue where visitors and artists can share a visual conversation through art appreciation and enrich one’s own understanding and connection to our rich artistic heritage.