Archive: November 2014

NOW & THEN | Realism through the Ages

Realism Through the Ages Water Color Works Time and again, people have always been fascinated with nostalgia. It is a piece of time preserved and suspended; a fond feeling and ...
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THE DISCIPLINE OF PERFECTION | Wood Carvings by Angelito Baldemor

Perfection requires discipline. For Angelito, wood sculpting involves twice the amount of time and patience than painting. It takes him two days to chisel the sculpture’s basic shape, but to ...
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BOKETTO: Losing One’s Own Self in a Distance | Joel Mahilum

Boketto [ぼけっと] [jap.] the act of gazing vacantly into the distance, without thinking Joel Mahilum’s artistic journey is paved with many opposites: at one point, he stood right by his ...
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