THE DISCIPLINE OF PERFECTION | Wood Carvings by Angelito Baldemor

Perfection requires discipline.

For Angelito, wood sculpting involves twice the amount of time and patience than painting. It takes him two days to chisel the sculpture’s basic shape, but to achieve the level of details he places into it takes a month longer. To achieve this level of mastery however takes years as an understudy, learning to sharpen the tools for carving in order to grasp how they can carve the wood properly and easily. Then gradually graduate to carving out the basic of a project.

“I may not be as innovative or original as other sculptors out there but I have a substantial amount of diligence and perseverance. I’ll stick to that.”

Like any other artist, Angelito was searching for his own identity; experimenting with styles and various subjects. He was aware of the qualities he possessed and what he needed to bring to view a very intricate combination of sculpture and painting he calls “paintures.” Mostly using batikuling wood, Angelito created realistic 3d renditions of flowers, rice, baskets and vegetables painted in vivid colors.

The hours of dedication and unrelenting hard work for the past forty years that the woodcarver Angelito Baldemor has put, give us a glimpse of how he has become not only an outstanding but also the most significant contemporary wood sculptor in the Philippine art scene.