“When stones are thrown heavenward…”

An old Filipino proverb used when a person wants to state an opinion but would like to emphasize that they meant no offence. No one really knows where this old saying originated or why they used stones as a metaphor. Probably because not many give a second look at stones unless one intends to pick them up and throw it. Then people begin to observe the shape, size, texture and markings; the probability of where and when it will land . No two stones are exactly alike; so much like us.

A moment of accidental luck that resulted in a fine art discipline and a surge of inspiration…
Noel Mahilum was astonished when he saw the developed photos he took of rocks and boulders drizzled by the rain in the quarry at Sitio Pantay Antipolo. It goes to show what you can see when one changes their perspective and how they view what is around them. Noel’s take on stones went beyond what we usually perceive. He renders the stones through a multitude and controlled spatter of colors. The composition of the stones, though may appear haphazard, are actually well thought of. For the artist, these stones represent people and life on earth. Looking at everything from a distance, each has its place in the grand picture. No stone unneeded nor out of place, waiting for someone to sit down and observe them carefully.