A GIFT OF SPRINGTIME | Manuel Baldemor

Spring is the beginning of new life and new possibilities. It is a season of rebirth, a time of growth in plants, animals…everything.

Spring exhibits the brilliance and beauty of nature with delicate streams of colours. The season orchestrates
a harmonious sound of icicles melting, birds twittering and trees rustling. It offers breathtaking performances of flowers blooming, morning dews forming and butterflies spreading their wings for the first time.

A number of brilliant artists admittedly owed their inspiration from the beauty that is spring. It is a wonderful reminder that reveals God’s omnipotent hand at work.

“A Gift of Springtime” by Manuel Baldemor illustrates his experience of spring. Baldemor who loves traveling, witnessed and joined the festivities of springtime in different cultures and countries at different times unified by the celebration of new life and a promise of better times. A season where everyone gathers outside, the weather neither hot nor cold, time slows down silently observing in awe-struck wonder the beauty in tranquility.