Watercolor is a delightful but painstaking medium. There’s that quality of freshness, a certain exuberance even unlike oil, which seems so set in its historical tradition. Water is alive, animated, and vibrant in the hands of a deliberate artist like Leonardo Reyes a watercolor painting comes alive, fresh as the day it was finished. Yet someone who deliberates a paintings composition of koi (Japanese Carp) it is a pleasant surprise to discover that the artist can imbue it with such casualness … like a nonchalant glance at a pool.

Perhaps what makes the paintings of Leonardo R. swim with life is his use of dynamic compositions that place his subjects along diagonal and converging lines of interest rather than in a static vertical and horizontal grid. Why, one can almost watch the koi gliding along so gracefully through the water or gathering around a nibble of food, their fins undulating in gentle motion. Or swimming underneath a ripple or a dappled surface. One can almost get their fingers wet by touching the paintings. (Most importantly is the “quiet cool” effect it can deliver to the mind of an individual, so soothing that immediate relief from a week’s pressures can be had).fine