CIRCUS RING | Monnar Baldemor

Vibrant colors of the streamers that are hanged swayed to the whistle of the wind. An indistinct chattering sound resonates through crowds of people waiting for the show. “Hear ye, Hear ye” word play picks the brain of curious folks anticipating, anxious to see what lies inside the circus tent. Reverberating beat of the drums indicate the start of the show as the ringmaster stood in middle of the ring. Jugglers tossing knives, Acrobats suspended in mid-air, and Clowns lighting up the mood stir feelings of undistinguished emotions as the show progresses.

Life is a ticket to the endless circus and people being a star of the show, leaving a mark good or bad after each and every act. Juggling life from one situation to another while spectators watch every move, expecting the next performance.

Monnar’s exhibition “Circus Ring” focuses on the quirks and madness in a daily life of a person living in the urban jungle. His work much influenced by the work of Sergio Aragones is an amalgamation of chaos and order. From the careful use of intricate lines to the explosion of colors, he orchestrated a delicate balance with two contrasting elements.