The exhibit will feature the works of Nell Campos painting his grace for a beautiful and bountiful harvest celebrating it with creative use of colors.

We are rich in agricultural history. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi noted that the Philippines were good agriculturalists. Historians recorded the abundance of rice, cotton, wine as well at a large quantity of poultry. Our ancestors knowledge in agriculture allowed the people to harvest twice a year which fed and clothed them. It also allowed them to open up to the world for trade.

Today, despite the advancement in economy and commercialism, our agriculture still plays a big role in our exports. It comes as no surprise that there is always a “Fiesta” celebrated somewhere in the Philippines giving thanks for a good harvest. It has become an embedded in our culture to give thanks to God for the blessings He has bestowed.

In most family homes there is at least one artwork that depicts a harvest scene. In a way it is a reminder of “kung ano ang itinanim, siya rin ang aanihin” and that we should always be grateful for the blessing bestowed for our hard work.