Interfusion | Levi Yu & Oliver Marquez

Interfusion is blending or fusing , one with the other/s

We are the sum of our influences.

We are born into this world like an empty canvas; white, pristine and ready to be coloured. This is especially true to aspiring artists. Through the years, their exposure to different ideas and folding relationships with other people help mold their mindset of how they interpret the world.

The importance is not where we got the ideas from but how far we take them.

This is what Interfusion is all about. It is a collaborative effort between the artists and their source of inspiration to create pieces they can call their own. They don’t imitate, they emulate. The influence of the artists that they admire are strongly evident in their work, making it a perfect marriage of teacher and oftentimes unknowing master.
Oliver Marquez and Levi Yu celebrates this proudly through their two-man art exhibit happening at Art Circle Gallery Shangri-la plaza. A North meets South combination of influences and inspiration.