DIVINERS | Jeff Dizon

The art exhibit features the works of a passionate artist. The theme of the exhibit is well and consistently presented in each frame. The colorful yet dark interpretation of a dark biblical truth is so appropriate in conveying an equally dark message of spiritual deception. The fine lines used to match the convoluted forms of the main subjects and their macabre accessories illustrate the marriage of fine artistry and the genuine attempt of the artist to inform the viewers (of the works) that the subjects are terribly menacing to the soul… and they are not ancient, because they exist in our midst.

The exhibit is an invitation to have a glimpse of the horrible and shared fate of the subjects and those who believe and patronize them. The diviners, deceivers and false teachers have a common and agonizing eternal end which the paintings portend.

Elder, Mt. Holy Christian Bible Church of Marikina City