HILOM | Bianca Anievas

In a time where people are constantly afflicted with personal issues, disappointments and weariness; where people are suffering from pains of the physical or emotional; in a time where there seems to be less hope in people, less dreamers and believers, in that time, a spark needs to be ignited!

A spark that cheers, a spark that encourages, a spark that gives hope, and a spark that heals!

Let a spark through words bring healing—the healing of an afflicted heart; the healing over the dead dreams and beliefs. Let the healing bring peace to one’s heart. Let the healing make healers of each one. Let each one speak healing to another.

In the dark no more for we have been healed, for the flame of truth has been ignited through a Word has been spoken!

HILOM is an exhibition of art a compilation of artworks that through colors, strokes, lines and letters may bring healing and touch someone’s aching soul. HILOM brings hope, HILOM brings light.

HILOM’s beneficiaries are the young people from Right Start Foundation who are being empowered to live their potentials to the fullest by honing their skills and talents.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Bianca Anievas

Bianca Anievas is a 22-year old Visual Artist based in Makati. She strongly believes that art always has the power to encourage, inspire, beautify and it also carries the power to heal and to change the world forever.

Bianca as a little one dreamed of being a doctor and a scientist and even though she ends up being an artist her desire of bringing cure and healing is still intact and that’s the very heart of her art collection “Hilom”.

Through her art she desires to send healing that would carry through each one’s heart just like a capsule that dissolves inside the human body so her art will be. Her colors her strokes her canvas will be like the chemical that would travel through every vein of each one’s being so that dead dreams will be awaken, broken hearts will be beating, dead bones will rise, confidence will be restored, breathing will be fine, eyes will see beyond what is seen, ears will hear the unheard, mouth will speak hope and healing will make its way to every sickness and every illness.

Bianca views the world as a war zone and its people are the wounded soldiers and as an artist her greatest inspiration and her ultimate reason of making art is the Greatest Maker and Creator Himself, Jesus. Combining the way she views the world and her reason and source of inspiration plays a big part of who she is an artist, she believes that her art is just a tool, it may speak a thousand words but the message wasn’t hers but from the Truth.


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