Saving our Fury Friends One Artwork at a Time

We would like to thank all the artist and donors who braved the rainy weather last Sunday to participate in our small On-the-Spot Art for a Cause activity.
It was an overwhelming and humbling to see how powerful and influential art can be. We hope everyone enjoyed the event and hope to see you guys soon.

About the Event

Last  June 11 we held an impromptu  On-the-Spot Art Session for a Cause.
We are saving our fury Canines and Felines through the efforts of PPBCC Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation
Capture – Neuter – Vaccine – Release

We are raising funds for the free neuter and vaccine program for our fury friends. Come join the cause by joining the art session or simply purchasing the artworks there.
All proceeds will go to the PPBCCf Check out there page and find out more about their wonderful advocacy as well as their progress!
Click on the link to visit their page here: