Gintong mga Butil, Biyaya Nang Lupa

September 3 -10, 2017
Exhibit opens on September 3 (Sunday) 6PM

Ordoña’s artistic journey began as an apprenticeship when he was 16 under Miguel Galvez, who taught him everything from composition to color theories. His deep appreciation and knack for the arts set him on a path that pursued his full artistic goals, a potential he nurtured through the years. He took all kinds of art-
related jobs as a means of honing his craft, from charcoal painting in Gotesco to designing Asian and European screen dividers in Pampanga.

Nature’s Alchemy

In 2003, he apprenticed under Nilo Badajos and learned the finer, more nuanced
aspects of art. It was then when he started painting rice fields. Henry’s
fascination with nature is deeply rooted in his hometown, staring at long stretches
of rice fields, watching the stalks grow from green to yellow, and the bountiful
harvests that would soon come after it. This was nature at the height of her
power, a transformative force that turns the raw green into solid gold.

Fields of Gold

Deft strokes using dull brushes form the rice stalks, a sort of rough and thick
impression that grows finer and finer when looked from afar. The fields are drawn
from memories of his hometown, a fond recollection of simpler times. He would
use his wife and children as subjects in his works as well. Every drop of
sunshine washes the harvest in golden light, a vista that takes his breath away
A supporter for nature preservation, Henry Ordoña uses his works to advocate
and raise awareness on the dangers of modernization and its adverse effects of rampant destruction of our natural resources.

Exhibit will be held at:
Art Circle Gallery 4F Shangri-la Plaza Mainwing, Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City