Manuel Montoya | Adrian Morales

Back to Back Exhibit
Shangri-la Plaza Mandaluyong City
September 17 - 24 2017

Humble Beginnings

Adrian’s origins were born from humility: growing up a farm boy in Baganga, Davao Oriental, who enjoyed and appreciated a hard day’s work, who loved the sun on his back, and who felt a close and tight kinship with his community. This strong bond would remain with him, even as he moved to Manila where he endeavored to pursue his artistic passions as an apprentice to his artist-uncle, William Yu.

An Ode to Farmer’s Pride

Finding his artistic identity was one born from pride: the deep love, respect, and admiration for the tireless farmers toiling in fields, ushering in the harvest. Adrian’s works would unmistakably sing his ode and tribute to them: rendered in cubist figures are the robust forms that told stories of their toil; the sharp and vivid colors are the equally bright memories of the people, their warm smiles, andthe fruits of their hard-won labor. Inspired by the rick-rack motifs of Mexican folk art, Adrian’s multi-layered and multi-textured abstractions are a sight to behold.

Like an old tree firmly rooted on the ground, Adrian owes it to his humble beginnings his growth as an artist, and his works attest to his artistic pride, like branches spreading higher and higher, to greater heights.


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