Archive: November 2017

On the Spot Sketching

Last November 26, 2017, Art Circle Gallery held a live sketching/painting session entitled On-the-Spot portrait session, where the gallery invited artists of all levels to use any medium they want ...
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  • DateNovember 20, 2017
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Mask Making Workshop

On November 19, 2017, Art Circle Gallery hosted its first ever mask making workshop, which allowed everyone of all ages let their creativity flow. Some mask pieces that were created ...
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Ed Liao | Levi Yu Nov 19-26 , 2017 Shangri-la Plaza Mall Mandaluyong City ED LIAO Restriction in Abstraction Cebu-born artist Liao was molded from the existing art masters from ...
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Agriculture is our nation’s lifeblood, and plays a vital role in food production and economy. Its produce powers our daily lives, and is ingrained in every aspect and part of our culture. And it is the artist’s endeavor to transform ephemeral to eternal; and something as fleeting as a golden harvest can be captured, immortalized in canvas, etched in wood.
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