Ed Liao | Levi Yu
Nov 19-26 , 2017
Shangri-la Plaza Mall Mandaluyong City

Restriction in Abstraction
Cebu-born artist Liao was molded from the existing art masters from his hometown, the likes of Galicano, Sym, and Abellana, but he sought to break the classical form and employ expression through abstract art. His journey brought him to the Manila art scene, where he was exposed to contemporaries and new art movements. But his turning point would come in the artisitc inspiration from Lao Lian Ben’s works. The discipline in abstract comes from restraint, and Liao takes the craft to greater heights. The distillation of the subject rendered deliberately, sparingly, has ultimately become Liao’s signature expression.

The Inspirations of Abstract
Unpacking the layers in Yu’s art is akin to a peeling back the layers and history behind its making. Art has been a firm and everpresent influence in Liao’s formative years, and his appreciation for it shaped his view of expression. There is a kind of art homage and narrative in his works: from Prudencio Lamarozza’s tree silhouettes, Sanso’s iconic moon accent, to Noel Mahilum’s distinct batu-bato aesthetic. To Levi, drawing from a wellspring of influence, abstract helps it unify them, and it rings true in his mind, in the paint, and on the canvas.