December 17 – 24, 2017
Art Circle Gallery Exhibit Hall
Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong

Raw Material meets Master Artisans

To bring out a metal’s true potential, one must be able to mold its roughness, to harden its brittleness, and to shine its dullness. It takes human ingenuity to transform it; and while many have done so, few have only managed to elevate it into fine artistry. Both Ronald Castrillo and Ivan Acuña have succeeded where others could only hope to achieve: mastering metal manipulation and integrating it into their craft. Metallurgy explores the many properties of metals that have led these two tinsmiths to define their own brand of artistic expression.

Ronald Castrillo: Malleability

A latero by trade, Castrillo knows that raw metal must be bent and beaten into shape; that destruction is an absolute necessity in the process of creation, the catalyst that brings the
metal’s true form to fruition. His ability to manipulate brass, bronze, steel, and iron has inspired many exquisite sculptures to form under his well-worn hands. From roughness, Castrillo refines them to delicate and beautiful lines and curves. The results are deceptively simple and ubiquitous – sculptures depicting everyday life serves to underscore his art’s accessibility; to fully experience Castrillo’s art, one must simply reach out with their hands and touch it. From careful planning to masterful execution, his works are literal and figurative monuments to his skill and prowess.

Ivan Acuña: Fusibility

Metal smithing can be conceptual, and it must be rooted in good design. Acuña sees the medium not as a separate and disparate entity, but one that is synchronous with elements
around it. His approach to metallurgy is born from non-traditional means, where he prefers collaboration with architects, designers, and interior decorators. Here, he makes use of metals
as bold accent pieces that complement a given space. In this regard, Acuña harnesses a metal’s attribute of fusing seamlessly with different components to form a well-crafted whole.
The shine and luster, that irresistible allure that his works cast naturally draws the eye towards it – this is the actualization of the conceptual, the cornerstone of excellent artistry meshed with

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