Anton Mahilum

About the Artist

Anton’s artistic inclination was greatly in influenced by his late father, Tony Mahilum. A renowned artist from Antipolo City, Anton is the youngest son in a family of artists, with two older brothers who also happen to be painters.
Anton began to paint nature inspired sceneries that depict simplicity in the rural life. Subjects he preferred were small streams and rivers where carefree children play. A sense of the cool and calm are his choice of colors, rendered in realist style.

The fine evolution of the artist is greatly seen in his current works where the use of bold, iridescent colors highly contrast his subjects and themes that create a distinct style that is modern and traditional.

Urban Tales (Manila Alive)

From calm tones of his signature Old Manila cityscapes, Mahilum steps into the lively and frenetic energy of the streets, relishing in the noise and the comings and goings of people. From nostalgic sepia, Mahilum colors the modern city with neon, bright and loud as the people that live and move in it. This portrait of Manila that is as colorful as it populated, messy and oftentimes chaotic – a portrait of a living, breathing city here in the metro, he sets up the stage for the stories that lie beneath everyday experiences.