Jaime Nepomuceno

About the Artist

“The horizon may be limited to what our eyes can see, I would rather look at it with what my mind may envision.”

Jaime was born on September 22, 1963. He grew up tinkering with toys, finding ways to make them look and function better. He took up architecture at UST and was commissioned to design minor projects.

In 2001 love for Tinkering eventually motivated him to open his own Automotive Shop. The shop also became his studio were he started working and experimenting on sculptures with the discipline used in polishing and detailing cars.

“Fluidity” ーis an art philosophy he applies in his design since studying n architecture. He believes that designs should flow naturally with all considerations in mind; it is the simplicity of letting everything flow into place with function as a primary consideration.

What started as a hobby eventually inspired him to create master pieces that earned him the 3rd Grand Price Awardee at the 2015 GSIS Art Competition.