Jeff Dizon


about the artist

“A painting or work of art you are looking at is only 40% of the whole piece. e major part of it is about the life of the artist. Knowing the artist is knowing his art.”

Jeff Dizon was born on February 4, 1954. He studied painting at the University of the Philippines. Over the course of his career, he has mounted numerous solo exhibitions. Jeff ’s highly detailed artworks rendered in complex color patterns, depicts Philippine social life, in detailed strokes with a modern expressionist style.

Celebrating more than Forty years as a professional artist, his works are considered of high artistic value and are among the collections of most prestigious families and corporations.

Educational Background:

Elementary: Leodigario Victorino Elementary school (1960-1966)
Highschool: Roosevelt College San Roque Marikina (1966-1970)
College: University of the Philippines Diliman (1973-1978)