Joselito Barcelona

About the Artist

Lito Barcelona took his bachelor of fine Arts major in Advertising at the UST (1971) in the same batch as Lito Balagtas and Nemesio Miranda. His artistic talent comes from his father Jose, who is also a painter in his own right, who painted portraits, played musical instruments such as violin and the piano. Lito worked with J. Romero and Associates as an advertising artist, later rising to art director at Filcapital Dev. Corp., and at Jardine Davies. He then became the vice-president of conceptual, a design studio servicing pharmaceutical companies. He then decided to retire in 1995 to paint full time.

Lito likes to capture a general lightning on his paintings that show contrast with the rice fields as well as with farmers doing their chores during the harvest season.

If he paints in a style reminiscent of American Artist Andrew Wyeth, it s because he was one of the original members of the Magic Realists Group that hatched at J. Romero in 1974, led by the ad agency’s art and creative director Nestor Leynes, and made up of J. Walter Artists Gen Viterbo, Manny Llado and painting buddy, Jaime Roque. The group painted and exhibited together in metro manila art gallery for five years.
Although they have disbanded, each continue to paint in a realist style until today.