Manuel Montoya

About the Artist

Manuel Montoya was born in Davao City on 1959. He studied at Univeristy of Mindanao majoring in BSED. He took a course in Art Studies at London’s International Correspondence School. He founded the Davao Art Foundation together with George So, Lito Pepito, and Jun Alfon during the 1980’s. His art is heavily influenced by European Impressionism and Japanese Art. He had his big break when he met Tito Sausu in Davao, a classmate of Zalameda at the UST. Sausu had a fine collection of old art books on about the principles of design and philosophies of color theory. from there Motoya started his own color theory, searching and combining clear, clean and pure colors. To date he had two solo-exhibits at the Aisan Istitution of Toursism, 1989; and Honey Bear Restaurant, Davao City,1997.  He also participated in 12 group shows. He won 3rd place at the on the spot painting competition of the Ministry of Human Settlements.

Flower Vendor Series

Fruit Vendor Series

Mother and Child Series