Oliver Marquez

About the Artist

“I enjoy distorting figures a lot. Once the brush hits the canvas there’s no stopping. It’s fast. It’s very fluid. More importantly it’s about having fun and being positive.”

Oliver was born on April 30, 1974 in Angeles City. He was born in a family of artists that drew scales, wildlife that sold tourist art but was forced to leave for Malolos, Bulacan due to the Mt. Pinatubo incident. He wanted to study fine arts but his family could not afford it and took up drafting at the Bulacan State University. He opened a sign shop and stopped painting for 10 years. Sometime in 2011 a friend encouraged him to get back to painting and started competing in art competitions and won 3 grand prizes from PAGCOR, AAP on-the-spot contest and Gov. Ejercito’s Pagsanjan Art Competition.


A passionate embrace, an elegant arabesque, a flourish of a dress- these are the details that Oliver Marquez pays close attention to, where the flow of his brush becomes the steps to the dance. to convey the fluid movement of his subjects, he renders them in freely brushed strokes, From fiery tango to graceful ballet , Marquez use of vivid colors dictates the kind of energy and tempo the visual dance is set to. His process echoes the ritual of the dance itself , his own waltz to crafting the right steps to fully realizing his artistic vision

Rock and Roll Series