Wanderlust: Manuel Baldemor

Art Circle Gallery is delighted to have the beautiful and very talented Issa to open and give our followers a tour of Manuel Baldemor’s Major Art Exhibition: Wanderlust. Host: Issa Baraquel Videographer: Mike Miranda

Posted by Art Circle Gallery on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Wanderlust has seeped into the vernacular of the layman, a movement that has inspired a culture of traveling and exploration. In an unprecedented time of extended isolation, a longing for these far-away places strikes deep and true. Through this special exhibition, art can provide a window of escape and contemplation where seasoned traveler-painter Manuel Baldemor takes us on an artistic and visual pilgrimage across Europe.

The breadth and depth of his travels feature an extensive list of countries and locales.

Here, quite literally, is his artistic journey: through the thoroughfares of London and Paris, the sprawling forests of Estonia, the site of old gods in Athens, to the grand vistas of faith in Rome. This exhibit is almost like a page torn from Baldemor’s visual travel diaries, his lived experiences imbued on the canvas.

Folk art meets global stage

Baldemor’s interpretations of Western locales give it a unique spin, a folksy and familiar energy that reminds of our own home fronts, towns, and valleys. His works engages by painting different cultural experiences across the European milieu. At the same time, his panoramic views are a reminder of our inherent connectedness, and how we all live in one global village.


More than just a longing to see the world, Baldemor views his visual diaries as a way of cultivating his best self. Wanderlust for him represents self-development by experiencing the unknown and getting to know unfamiliar settings and ways of life. He traces his travels through his brush, and in so doing, he uncovers more about the ways of the world within himself. Through aimless wanderings, the artist finally finds himself.