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A Sense of Place: The Art of Impasto | Joey Agbayani

JUNE 16 TO COME 25, 2018| Art Circle Gallery, 4L Shangri-la Plaza, EDSA cor Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City
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Julius Villarete and Ronald Castrillo
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Aurum Sensu | Gilfrancis Maningo

September 9 - 16, 2018 Art Circle Gallery Exhibit Hall EDSA Shangri-La Plaza
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Beauty’s Honest Labors: Jeff Dizon

August 5 to 12, 2018 ACG Exhibit Hall 4F Art Plaza Shangri-la Plaza Mall
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Beholden Beauty: Monnar | Nilo Badajos

Beauty in the Light | Unconventional Beauty | July 22 to July 28, 2018 Art Circle Exibit Hall
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  • DateDecember 1, 2017


ARTE at DETALYE: Cris Velasco | Leo Robles December 3 - 10, 2017
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PETER ABORDO | OLIVER MARQUEZ |Oct 22 - 29, 2017 "Life is an Exercise in Exaggeration"
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Burda: Memories in the Thread | RAUL PATINDOL

Burda: Memories in the Thread | RAUL PATINDOL Happening on Sept 3, 2017
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Gintong mga Butil, Biyaya Nang Lupa

Ordoña’s artistic journey began as an apprenticeship when he was 16 under Miguel Galvez, who taught him everything from composition to color theories. Hisdeep appreciation and knack for the arts set him on a path that pursued his full artistic goals, a potential he nurtured through the years.
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Pre-Selling | Henry Ordoña Artworks

Pre-Selling Artworks of Henry Ordoña
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