Metamorphose | Lemuel Cunanan

Lemuel Cunanan‭, ‬for this show‭, ‬launches his contemporary style‭. ‬Known before for his picturesque country scenes‭, ‬he now embarks‭ ‬on a new-found journey of transformation towards Impressionism‭. ‬It is a style where attention is shifted to the artist’s manipulation of colors‭, ‬tone‭, ‬and texture‭, ‬while the traditional subject is understated‭. ‬In his new works‭, ‬Cunanan bursts into‭ ‬energy with the texturally varied application of strokes‭. ‬From his conventional use of hues‭, ‬he transitions to using color to dematerialize outlines‭, ‬which allows such to vibrate or gleam‭. ‬It trumpets his rebirth‭.‬

In the past‭, ‬Lemuel Cunanan did airbrush art for jeepneys‭. ‬Notably remembered is his art as a contribution to the covers of the‭ ‬Tagalog romance pocket novels released by Lorimar Publishing Incorporated‭. ‬The publication project lasted for six years‭, ‬with the release of pocket novels of more than 500‭ ‬titles‭, ‬earning them an award from the Manila Critics Circle‭.‬

Through the years‭, ‬romance and beauty seemed to have found their bed through his art‭. ‬In his current works‭, ‬he introduced the philosophical concept of Antimony of Taste‭, ‬which brings to light the conflict between subjective and objective judgments of beauty‭. ‬Reveling in such‭, ‬the artist entices us through his grip on color‭, ‬spellbinding‭, ‬and sublime‭. ‬Seduced by Impressionism‭, ‬he transits‭, ‬all along surrendering‭. ‬It is a leap of faith‭, ‬indeed‭, ‬where the beauty of change got disguised in art‭.‬

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