Peter Abordo

About the Artist

Peter Abordo was born on May 8, 1971 in Sampaloc, Manila. He studied in UST with Tam Austria, Mario Santiago and Butch Soriano as his professors. After college, he worked in an advertising firm and two animation studios.

Having an animation background taught him to be a keen observer. He studied people’s body languages. He drew hundreds of poses, expressions, movements and postures of characters. It was this discipline that helped him create his subjects. His style turned ordinary everyday activities into an artwork that was worth a thousand words.

Urban Tales (The Urban Painter) 

From my college days, urban subjects are my favorite topic. Social Realism keep my desire to paint and paint and paint. Until now endless subjects and unlimited stories are waiting to be presented on a canvas. In ever corner there is a good subject and the process of my style is Documentary Painting – because painters have the responsibility to be a voice in telling the good or bad side in urban places. “siguro mas maganda ipinta yung hindi magandang idisplay basta may damdamin at may espiritu. Parang opposition ako nito sa mga theme ng article hehehe. But this is my mission a little voice for my fellow man to be notice in every painting exhibit”.