Ivan Acuña

About the Artist

Ivan was Born in Manila, August 23, 1968. He studied Fine Arts at the University of The Philippines and attended art workshops in Brisbane, Australia. His artistic interest came forth through looking at the works of Jose Joya. Other major influences were Willem De Kooning and Joan Miro.

Ivan started as a professional photographer before becoming one of the most recognizable Philippine contemporary artist. He is a non traditional artist who prefers to collaborate with the vision of interior designers. Gil Cosculuela and Anton Mendoza have continued to include his artworks in their projects both in the Philippines and in abroad.

Through the years, Acuña has had more that a dozen of shows and exhibits including: the sold out event at Presitge Motors BMW (2004) and Rustan’s Essences Show at Rustan’s Makati.

Metalscape Series

Hamilo Coast Series

Black and White Series

Blue and White Series