Jacob Bernardo


About the Artist

Jacob Bernardo born February 3, 1979 is a Visual Artist focused on scaled diorama born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines. His artistic journey began with a passion for comics, animations, and action figures, which eventually led him to explore the world of diorama building and mixed media art. Jacob holds degrees in Interior Design and Construction Supervision from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) and has completed healthcare training at Waltham Forest College London.

Inspired by renowned artists such as Juan Luna, Jim Lee, Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, Barry Winsor Smith, and Whilce Protacio, Jacob draws from a diverse pool of influences to enrich his creative process. His biggest influence in art is comics, animations and toys(action figures). Jacob’s preferred medium is mixed media, particularly various types of board for creating intricate dioramas. His creative process often involves techniques like weathering, which imbues his creations with a sense of realism and vitality.

Jacob’s art style is characterized by flexibility, allowing him to adapt to any given theme with ease. His journey as an artist is marked by a commitment to exploring diverse themes and constantly refining his skills. Integrating the creation of a diorama into his artistic practice provides Jacob opportunities to learn about a plethora of new and raw materials, which he can then skillfully incorporate into his creations, further enriching his artistic repertoire.

Through his art, Jacob aims to encourage viewers to explore their own imaginations and create their own narratives. Each piece tells a story, inviting observers to immerse themselves in Jacob’s unique world of creativity.




Interior Design (UST)
Construction Supervision (UST)
Healthcare Level 1&2 (Waltham Forest College London)


Dec. 4, 2022 – “Surfing the Universe” Super Duper Art Gallery

2017 – Featured in Matanglawin

2017 – Pinoy Batman Koletors Club held on Fully Booked BGC