Jaime Nepomuceno


About the Artist

Born into a legacy of movie industry pioneers, Jaime Nepomuceno’s heritage includes his grandfather Jose Nepomuceno, known as the “Father of Filipino Movies,” and his father Luis Nepomuceno, a highly acclaimed filmmaker. Jaime’s passion for craftsmanship emerged early as he admired the artistry within the movie studio’s prop fabrication department. Despite lacking a golden spoon, he wielded tools that molded his skills from youth, constantly refining and enhancing objects. He pursued architecture at U.S.T., subsequently applying his expertise to design gondolas, display racks, and retail spaces for the family business during the 90s. Jaime also delved into constructing and selling residential homes. He won The 2015 GSIS Art Competition the second time joining it. He purposely prepared for it and successfully won a Grand Prize for the Sculpture Category. He also became a finalist for another sculpture at the Art Association of the Philippines(AAP) Art Competition in that same year.

“Fluidity” – is a design philosophy he used studying architecture at U.S.T. His architectural designs flowed where it should naturally go with all considerations into account. Not bothered by trying to balance one side with the other; “It is the simplicity of letting everything flow into place with function as the primary consideration”. Evident in his Artworks he applies this philosophy both literally and figuratively, his sculptures being fluid yet takes shape in any form but in art he gains Freedom From Function. “In art everything is possible”


Mother and Child
24 x 36 In
Acrylic on Canvas
Everything will be alright
11.5 x 8 x 19 In
Hand in Hand (Pink)
18 x 4 x 5 In
Furmom II
18 x 24 In
Acrylic on Canvas


UST College of Architecture


2015: GSIS Art Competition Winner Sculpture Category

2015: Art Association of the Philippines(AAP) Art Competition Finalist

2017: ASEAN 2017 Business Awards commissioned to design and fabricate the trophies awarded to prominent businessmen and tycoons


2019: Quadro

2019: Forms

2021: Vision x Interpolation

2022: Annual Sculpture Review

2022: Manila Bang

2023: Taga South sa South

2023: Inside Out

2023: Straight from the Heart

2023: Laguna Art Festival