Ramel Villas

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Ramel Villas, Born in 1982, after winning one of the major prizes in the 2009 Art Association of the Philippines Annual Painting Competition, he let go of his 4-year career in the Japanese Animation Industry to commit full time to his first passion, which is painting. Ramel is already fascinated by how this magnificent art creates a different world that is so tangible to our senses. Slowly, time seasoned his knowledge about the craft, and he spent his teens trying and erring on different painting techniques, mostly in reference to the Lunas and Hidalgos from the National Museum. From the start of his painting career, he managed to survive the sharp judgments of critics and consistently bring out relevant and meaningful works throughout the years. Despite his lack of formal education in fine arts, he became a certified art teacher in Singapore way back in 2012. Today, as a mid-career artist on his path to becoming a young master, the burning passion for his craft is renewed as he learns in Leonardo da Vinci’s writings that the path to a creative quest is open to anyone who is bold enough to add at least a brick to humanity’s endeavor through art, regardless of birthright and social status.

Decided to be a lifelong learner, Ramel Villas wanted to practice and share his artistic gift and push it as far as it could go, hoping to touch lives as meaningfully as possible. It is indeed undeniable to find artistic DNA in his generous mentor and friend Ivan Roxas, who they’re both hailed from the province of Rizal. To date, they share the same passion about the vast subject of flora and fauna while celebrating the timeless veneration of the muse of different forms and beauty. Aside from spending most of his time painting, he finds himself interested in the science of visual sensory, psychology and neurology, currently enrolled in related courses from distance learning program of Harvard University.


30×40 In
Oil on Board
Long Road Home
30 x 24 in
Oil on Panel Board
Testing the Waters
30 x 24 in
Oil on Panel Board
After the First Rain
24 x 30 in
Oil on Canvas


Awards/Book Citations

2009: 3rd Prize Art Association of the Philippines Annual Painting Competition


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2010: Babylon Zoo Blanc Gallery

2011: Relevant Rizal? Vargas Museum

2011: JOSE RIZAL – His Continuing Relevance- BenCab Museum, Baguio City

2011: Mother and Child in Philippine Art – featuring 140 Old and Contemporary Masters Book Authored by Manuel D. Duldulao SM Art Center, Manila

2013: The Philippine Contemporary: To Scale the Past and the Possible Metropolitan Museum Of Manila

2013: Beautiful Mind Gallerie Ana Manila

2014: The Stories We Tell: Filipino Myths and Legends CANVAS Vargas Museum

2018: Tender Trap Art Cube Manila

2019: Art Appreciation in Philippine Congress

2022: Alay 25th year Boston Gallery QC