Ronald Castrillo


Ronald, a gifted artist since his early years, was born on June 3, 1964. His parents, Aurea and Amado Castrillo, who were accomplished in writing, illustrating, and sculpting, played a significant role in nurturing his artistic talents. Ronald’s artistic journey began at the age of ten when he started honing his skills in their family workshop located in Makati. With a father who excelled in craftsmanship, he received a strong foundation in artistry. Guided by his father, Ronald initially worked on simple drawings and sketches, gradually refining his abilities and eventually transitioning into sculpting.

Inspired by the world around him, Ronald Castrillo meticulously plans his artistic endeavors to transform his imagination into tangible, three-dimensional creations. He skillfully manipulates metal, shaping it into graceful lines and curves, resulting in artworks that elicit admiration and invite tactile exploration. He firmly believes that exceptional sculptures are born from brilliant concepts and brought to perfection through meticulous planning and technical expertise. His contemporary sculptures have graced various locations, including the EDSA and numerous city centers, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape.

Ronald Castrillo’s distinctive talent lies in his ability to bring his imaginative visions to life in three-dimensional form. He stands as the creative force behind some of the most celebrated and well-known sculptures in the Philippines, elevating Pinoy sculpture to new heights. His mastery of working with brass, bronze, steel, iron, and various metals allows him to craft intricate and captivating pieces of art. His portfolio includes inspiring monuments, captivating centerpieces, and one-of-a-kind sculptures, all serving as a testament to his remarkable artistic skill and vision.


54 In x 26 In x 9 In
Brass steel on wood
Blissful day
12in. x 9in. x 32in. 
Artwork in Formed & Welded Brass Sheets on Wood Base
c. 2022
15 In x 11 In x 20 In
Artwork in Formed & Welded Brass on wood base.
Fish Harvest
17in. x 25in. x 10in.
Artwork Formed & Welded Brass Sheets on Wood Base
c. 2021

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering Major in Aircraft Design from PATTS School of Aeronautics


2023 – Cabel Art Exhibition

2021 – Shaping Wonders and Dreams

2021 – Arts by the Garden

2021 – The Art of Healing, Resilience, and Resistance: Art Circle Gallery 30th Anniversary Exhibit


2019 – Art for Always: A Tagaytay Locale Exhibit

2019 – Hulagway


2018 – Dreamscape

2018 – Art for a CAuse

2017 – Siklo: Art Circle Gallery’s 27th Anniversary Exhibition

2016 – Castrillo: The Next Generation