Sosi 2nd Edition

“What you see before you is 10% of the painting; the 80% is why it was created.”


Jeff T. Dizon Goes Contemporary

A graduate of the University of the Philippines Fine Arts who earned multiple scholarships and grants, Jeff Dizon, earned high praises from some of the most highly respected artists for his profoundly gifted mind and hands.

“I paint ideas, not things.” George Frederick Watts

Bold and unafraid, Jeff dared to use art as his medium to question the world and its ideologies and philosophies through a series of profoundly created works of highly decorated figures in overemphasized poses.

The Good, the bad and the Luxurious

Entering the  contemporary art scene in style, Jeff Dizon uses his skill, keen observation, and artistic prowess to express his reaction to the  “Flex Culture.” His latest series, “Sosi 2nd Edition,” debuts different subjects of characters with precisely placed branded accessories, fashion-forward outfits, and, of course, expressive over-the-top couture poses mimicking TikTok and Instagram posts.

We are at the peak of the social media age, which has created a culture rooted in the incessant need to stay relevant. Thus arose this obsession to seek validation from the digital world, often through displays of luxurious goods and activities. And it begs the question of its long-term impact.

Flex culture might have started as a movement to inspire people to seek goals and inspiration, but anything in excess can be unhealthy. Every day, we are exposed to thousands of influencers flocking to our newsfeed of high-end brands and services, creating a world of commercialism. Vulnerable to the constant inception of wanting and flaunting things in excess, Jeff Dizon calls on our self-awareness and realizes the thin line between what is refined and what is vulgar.


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