Forest and Fortune by: Monnar

Branches extending to the sun, roots firmly planted on the ground –trees represent for us growth that is anchored on solid principles, nurtured over time with patience and determination to thrive. Likewise, talent from one Monnar Baldemor takes a careful cultivation of artistic virtue, empowered by a wellspring of mentors, inspirations and vision. Monnar’s latest artistic outing is an auspicious walk inside his forests gleaming with golden leaves and promises of prosperity minted on a canvas.
These limited series of works are inspired by the famed money trees that bless a household with good fortune. Beyond the fantastic mythos that surrounds these trees, to Monnar, it has come to mirror his efforts in forging his own path, and growing into his own identity as an artist.
Monnar ‘grows’ the trees one root, one branch , and one leaf at a time. Each leaf is painstakingly painted, like a gardener tending to his orchard with love and care. What starts as a sapling in his mind is born into the canvas, fully grown, rife and ripe with unquestionable skill of his artistic abundance and prosperity.