Quattro Virtuosos

Pagkatipunan , Baldemor, Maningo , Dizon

The ability to create from nothing is a precious gift for an artist. To become a master of it is freedom. The virtuosos surrenders himself not only for the short term but to a life of discipline. What makes him a marvel to the eyes of many is his consistency: creating over and over by bringing to life repetitive strokes, undulating lines, and colors that become his own. Labor upon himself, not. Indeed, they are redundant but never dull to fresh eyes. Infused in each work is steadiness at every moment of creation. One is not merely lost but present.

“In this life you either welcome change or are afraid of it. Which are you?

The Scenic Wonder of the Old European World” by: Manuel Baldemor


“To develop a skill that is able to bring forward something as abstract as an act of kindness is a privilege shared among artists.”

Loving Kindness by Jeff Dizon

by: Agi Pagkatipunan

by: Gil Maningo

Quattro Virtuosos is a tribute to the four master artists, Manuel Baldemor, Jeff Dizon, Agi Pagkatipunan, and Gil Maningo. Like folk brothers coming together, their collective works bring nostalgia while reminiscing things Filipino: home, festivity, and roots. With their legacies, the four masters relive our regard for traditions and veneration. Time is honored where presence is valued. In bearing witness to the Filipino way of life, Quattro Virtuosos honors excellence in pursuing art as an involved medium for community and heritage. Where uncertainty knocks, the masters come reminding us of the tried and tested — a philosophy and way of living that produced timeless pieces. It is a gentle reminder that everything will go well. Andrà tutto bene!