Transitions | Chris Pizzaro

Fish Out of Water
Chris Pizarro is changing. The koi paintings that started his career became the proverbial big fish in the pond that wants to seek out the ocean. Pizarro shapeshifts and charts a different course for himself with this solo exhibition, a unique look into his changing perspectives, evolving style, and unencumbered enthusiasm and love for the craft. Mapping his artistic topography is a tour consisting of epic origin stories: a big comic book fan imitating his larger-than-life heroes in his drawings; of winding detours: live-sketching and painting murals; even the occasional dead-ends: the challenges of pursuing a craft that may not be so practical nor lucrative. Despite all that, Pizarro thrives in the uncertain and embraces it to guide him onwards.
Parts Unknown and Abstract. Schooled in the ways of classical art, Pizarro understands the shape and expectations of reality. But to become truly creative, he endeavors to capture the shape of his dreams, where he experiments with abstract. His self-professed malikot approach is an artist in his element: playing with colors, vibrant energies and pulses that burst in his captivating abstractions.
Not one to be the type to be relegated to a corner or a particular art style, Pizarro shatters the walls around him, pushing himself to use a different material, apply another technique, and more. As he moves from one series to the next in a frenzy, he is most boundless at every point in his journey, a freestyle creator in his own right. Chris Pizarro lives and thrives on the edges of his artistic boundaries. And as he toes the line, he marks another notch, unlocks a better skill, makes further strokes on his canvas. More often than not, he stumbles upon something new and discovers more about himself.

Mina Napalang

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